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Dr Allan Clarke

Shoulder and Knee Surgeon


Joanna Taylor is Dr Clarke's Practice manager.

Joanna has worked within health care administration for 12 years in many different areas.

She enjoys everything about this industry from talking with patients in the waiting room to seeing them through to the end result of their treatment.

Joanna looks after many things within the practice such as booking appointments, helping you with enquiries about your surgery, making sure everything runs smoothly and that our patients feel happy and comfortable.
Joanna Taylor
Emma Wallace is Dr Clarke’s Practice Nurse.

Emma has extensive experience in the pre - operative assessment and early post - operative management of orthopaedic patients.

Emma will be contacting the short stay patients (day surgery and overnight stay) a day or two after their operation to ensure that they are managing at home and that their pain is well controlled post-surgery.

Emma prides herself in attention to detail and is always happy to receive calls from patients before surgery if they have any questions about the surgical procedure or after surgery should they have any concerns in the post-operative period.

Emma can be contacted on 0400 043 971.
Emma Wallace