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Dr Allan Clarke

Shoulder and Knee Surgeon

Frequently Asked Questions after Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

When can I shower?

Immediately after the surgery. (NB. If you notice your dressings are not waterproof, immediately contact the rooms, or the ward from which you were discharged to arrange replacements. Alternatively place plastic wrapping with waterproof tape around the knee)

When will I be seen in the rooms after the operation?

You will be seen at about 2 weeks and if required at 6 weeks post-surgery. Later appointments will be determined by your progress.

When can I drive?

Once you can walk comfortably and do stairs, then driving can be resumed.

When can I return to work?

As a general rule if you can get to work, you can resume a sedentary job within 1-2 weeks. Physical jobs will require at least 1-2 months.