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Dr Allan Clarke

Shoulder and Knee Surgeon


It may be necessary to make some changes to your medications prior to and following your surgery. It is important to let us know exactly what medications you are taking.

  • Ten days prior to surgery you will need to stop any blood thinning agents such as Plavix / Iscover (clopidogrel) and Aspirin. However always check with your GP or Cardiologist if it is safe to stop taking these medications especially if you have a history of strokes/mini strokes or if you have coronary stents in your heart.
  • Coumadin / Marevan (warfarin) should also be ceased but the timing depends on your reason for taking it.
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications such as Nurofen (ibuprofen), Indocid (indomethacin), Celebrex (celecoxib) and Voltaren (diclofenac) should be stopped at least 5 days before your surgery but Mobic (meloxicam) can be continued.
  • Also cease all herbal medications, fish oil, glucosamine etc at least 10 days pre-operatively. Many of these medications affect the blood clotting mechanism in the body.
This is general advice - please speak to Dr Clarke about your medications and specific needs. If you have any concerns do not hesitate to contact us.